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Re: Rogue?

Throughout the process I only spent a few grand on dragon discs. Everything else was donated from clan and killin bosses :P.

Moral of the story, join a clan around your level.

Re: Rogue?

When I was leveling I didn't worry to much about armor. I went from warden armor, got some metoric pieces (mostly from clan bosses and bank, and a little bit of soloing bosses once I got high enough) then when I got around 120-130 with that armor, I got onyx and obsidian armor and then wyrmbone. Aft...

Re: Rogue?

Amazing dps and awesome for leveling. Terrible for this event boss...

Re: Levelling 190-220+

I always like leveling with a warrior with shatter or a lure Mage, make friends and find one :P you can get amazing dps. Also the warrior can mostly tank a few hits if they have dl

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