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Re: Death of the Event Chests

Screw talking chest rates. Let's just talk about the chances of VR responding to a general topic post like this, or even reading it.
I feel like the communities feedback falls into the spam folder unless it's about their fashipn design or visual bugs.

Should've never fIucking fired muldar

Re: Christmas update?

For all the playing on CH issues one thing for me is I keep being kicked from game when I die its really laggy and glitchy and ruins the experience. No more then ever idols seem useless to me because everytime I die I crash :( Also I wish to see winter bosses that be fun thank you for the unity upd...

Quality of life update?

“Quality of life update/Bday hat quest: End of July/Beginning of August Unity 2018 update: It was estimated at a couple of months. From experiencing this type of update with a previous company, I expect it in 6-8 months. <<<That number is my personal estimation and not the companies.” Was wondering ...

Re: Collecting Lock Gold?

Clans that do this. How’s that working out for you? How do you go about it? What do you do with it? Thank you! - Krios Generals distribute alt books and haste elixirs at beginning of raids. And at end of raids we have all members in KG (only raid and legacy bosses) mail gold to a bank. Bank only bu...

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