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Re: Time to sell DL?

Every revival of this discussion is a motivation for hoarders to sit on DL drops. If we now agree that DL items will be up for sale once a higher lvl armour quest is launched, all DL items from now on will be considered money in the bank.

Re: How many chars cab u bring to a boss

This will not work for high level bosses, and will result in two things: High level players with high level druid alts will refuse to bring druids to boss fights, as the druids will not be allowed to dice even if they meet lvl reqs and do their work like everyone else at the fight. High level player...

Re: Necro time!

Best of luck all of you, I'll be out rockin' on friday 20th, so I can't join;-)
At 6 pm EST, Ghost will be onstage...

Re: 200 lock voting

the disadvantage of first star is that it is longer into the fight than 3 minutes the advantage is that it is a visible and objective reference point the advantage of 3 minutes is that it is a time-fixed point into the fight the keeping of time is not a problem for the participants, the tank may cal...

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