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Re: Eradicate the disease

So anyone who attacks a boss of appropriate level is included in raid, so how can someone try to 'ks' a boss if they were of appropriate level and is considered part of the raid? Lugh also has a honour based queueing system for the daily arena quest boss. Killing the first person in line during que...

Re: Eradicate the disease

I vote A Yes Arena was made for PvP, but when the xp quest was placed there you cant hide behind "its your choice to enter pvp area" argumentation. Yes it is possible to attack and kill anyone in arena, but that doesnt mean that it is right to do so. Likewise, it is quite possible to block...

Re: Mordy times

I support Lukovs initial point regarding shifting the kill times around so that everybody get a fair chance sometimes. I've missed many Mordy fights (and Necro) due to the fact that they're all scheduled too late for me. This is my principal view that goes for all scheduled kills. regarding Mordy, I...

Re: Change of rules: roll by class

I am sorry, but your suggestion will not make things easier. Basically you suggest that we stop dicing at all for single group boss kills, but introduce some obligatory exchange system for cross-class drops. I support that we keep class dicing. KISS means Keep It Simple Stupid. (i.e. the best thing ...

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