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Re: Regarding Necro

I can understand that someone who do not follow the plan can undermine the chance of success. I do not, however, see how the extensive efforts put in by all players of Lugh through numerous Necro attempts is not part of the "great costs" described initially in this post. Everybody have tak...

Re: Looking for Diadem of Ice

Ive got Dawns diadem yellow, and Snowbound Queens diadem of Ice. Since I have no clue as to what you would consider reasonable prices for any of these (or other colours I may have), you can mail me a suggested price or trade (I will consider useful items, but not fashion) if you are still interested...

Derken selling

Taking serious offers on: Godly Sunfire Venom charm Misc 100 poison damage Garanak Bladeleaf ammy 200 str/200 vit Selling: Sunchard 20/20 regen brace with +800 attack skill (750 k) Ruby amulet of the pyre, warrior lvl 130, 75 heat damage/100 melee/50 attack (250 k) Vital amulet of knives, lvl 130, +...

Re: Alternative solution

Disagree. An open ban discussion means that someone must explain what the problem is, while blocking may lead to a situation where the DM at a boss kill suddenly ignores the blocked character's dice. In the last ban-case in lugh it was sufficient to describe the problem, and most people knew what pl...

Re: A Bit About Lugh

Great summary.

You might add to drop distribution for other bosses (frozen etc.) that it is quite usual in Lugh to give crests and similar class quest drops to any relevant and needy class participant contributing to the kill. So although drops are not class diced, they are often class traded.

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