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Re: Doch Gul Gown of Myth

Grats on another piece :) the stats on these doch gul armour pieces are great, otm did a good job there. Hate to be negetive here tho but the design of these armours are a little ugly, bit of a step back on the design of the dl and edl armours which are so lush imo, not massively ugly but I'd prefer...

Re: Steam

^ wow how do u move your toon? Is it like point and click? Lol.. Or are the on screen buttons still there and u have to move the touch screen analogue stick up to run forward? I bet skill casting is hard doing this :/

Re: 100th EDL set on Arawn

I'm pretty sure he has u blocked also.... U almost felt the wrath of my mouth then but I've changed my ways... And I don't mean kisses :P lol *edit* or that other thing :lol: :o Whatever this means noty I am glad u changed your ways I prefer to stay as far away from your mouth as possible... Lol

Re: server economy

E3D wrote:Well some nonce is selling alt & rebirth for 20 & 30k ea
That's some of danus players for u

Nonce rofl, but 20-30k wow.. Predict that no one has ever and never will buy at that price

Re: 100th EDL set on Arawn

Question: why block a player like Henry? Are you to high on your plat bought white horse to accept he is your equal? Why cant you mail him the gold even though you blocked him? Are you trying to use your status on CH to step on him, making him low ans rise yourself? Only asking Why? Lol this is fun...

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