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Re: Bring Back Highland Warriors?

P1r4hn4 wrote:Dont quote me on this, but i dont think highland warriors was ever released with that name. Too my knowledge, the name got changed to celtic heroes before its release

I wouldn't be surprised, but only a dev can confirm this - and one who has been part of the team for a while at that.

Re: Aggy grim ability?

Lol I guess that won't be viable then. This now opens a new question. Aggy grim or adamant cane? Adament cane with its 300 fire/ice magic, can be about as good as a dark health aggy book in damage if you already have a high focus, since focus plateaus and magic abilty can also increase damage. If i...

Re: Lure or attune

To answer the question, thanks to Swan clearing a few things up, you really need to know what skill (on the same level of course) has the most effect. In my experience, with lure and no attune has always hit a little higher than attune with no lure. I have them both maxed.

Re: pvp rank amd rating

Not true. Theres 30 lvls and the highest has been VietNam6789 of Herne. She's only rank 18 i believe Are you referring to title or rank? **** tons of people have reached invincible at some point in their ch career. But no one had even come close to the last rank This is more accurate (some people g...

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