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Re: The other world

THIS NEW AREA should be cleaned of all bothering noobs or players who have nothing to do but hanging around and harassing us with invite or asking for a place in group shouting constantly : "please plzzzz plezaa please pzzz i need for quest pzzzlzz plzzaaa" instead of leveling their asses...

Re: Undead Fire Titan

If you bring him back, make sure the armour drop differs from the original halloween set. I agree, and also an idea (yes, bringing him back as a rare boss would be a great idea) :idea: you can make him spawn randomly at places where more common 'tomato' bosses do, and only around every 30 days. the...

Re: Frostbelly

i might be wrong, i heard that frostbelly was like a version of warbringer or rockbelly, astral guardian etc. for the christmas patch, but i haven't seen him anywhere for a while.

Re: First video from update 3!

I must say admin, it looks absolutely amazing, and i definetley think you know what your doing :D only one thing - i kept thinking after watching it that it might have been a good idea for you to swing the camera around 360 degrees slow enough for us to take in the view (what it looks like) next tim...

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