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Re: Selling assorted lux/stuff

Letus she ment seer, because otherwise she wouldbt be selling a 150 offhand for 150 alt :/ and she said 100 req so the name can be wrong but 100 req says eveything Dark correct me if im wrong You're right, thanks luuk. I get confused with the names sometimes I bet anni is just trolling killer so sh...

Selling assorted lux/stuff

Earth Talisman - 300k negotiable Fiery Spectral charm - 70k negotiable SOLD Also will have a Focus of the Seer (100 req) offhand for sale when I get my mage to 150 in a week or two. That will be 285k negotiable, so if you're interested, lemme know ASAP. Cheers Dark EDIT: I'm also buying a ton of res...

Re: "Big Three"

Yeah, if you get into every little thing there are a lot of variables to consider. When I think of not necessarily big or powerful but popular worlds, I think of Arawn, Rhiannon, Rosmerta and Morrigan. But probably because all of those worlds average out to be the best, taking into account clan powe...

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