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Auto Level Up

Anyone know if the auto level up option takes into consideration class and puts points in the best ranger build or mage build etc, or if it assigns points for all classes the same across all stats? I was curious so I made a toon and lvld it just a bit so I could use the auto system several times, an...

Re: In Memory of Sinon Skye/Razi

Blackfyre is very sad to hear of Sinon/Raz's passing. Several of our players have known and played with her for a long time, and will remember her fondly. We are also sincerely sorry for your loss, Moo. In a game I played long ago there was a gate that served much the same social function as the cas...

Boss Timer?

Hi everyone. What are the current options for boss timers that have android and ios versions? Flo's is still too problematic. We keep getting logged out after a while, and I've been told a couple of the frozen timers are still wrong. Is there any alternative? Thanks for any help. :)

Re: Bug or design?

Since we are talking about those jewels, seems like they should either be able to be traded within the account that bought them, or able to be sold back to merchants. They arent much of a gold sink anyway if no one buys them because there is nothing to do with them when you've outgrown or replaced t...

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