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Re: New update

Can we please know if they are implementing any parts of the new animations, or leaving character animations the way they are now? Think how easy it would be not to mess up what we already have and no one is complaining about at all rather than putting even more time and energy into something that w...

Re: Where Do I

I didn't apply. I'm only lvl 118 so I thought I was unlikely to be selected. I only downloaded the beta app from the play store, I'm not a selected tester. That's why I didn't know if I was allowed to submit problems, etc. I play on fingal, main toon is Brigane.

Where Do I

Can someone please tell me if I'm permitted to post problems I'm having while playing in the spring beta, and if so, where? I just downloaded it from the playstore, wasn't a selected test or or anything. Thanks.

Golden Spirit Quiver

Hi everyone. I'm fairly new and was reading another site and saw a list of quivers that are/were supposedly available in the game. Does anyone know anything about a golden spirit quiver and if/where it is available? Thanks!

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