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Can we get a VR comment please?

Hi. I was just wondering if VR could make any comment about the possibility of making spectral mounts more worth the huge cost by making them immortal? Not trying to start a discussion about it. Just hoping someone could say yes when we have time, or no. Lots of my clannies and I are trying to decid...

Re: Server Maint. Today

Got the android update from the Playstore and installed it. Look at my server options? Is this correct? I've never seen Apple Server before on a server list. https://i.postimg.cc/85c1Z3Xc/Screenshot-2018-12-17-02-26-45.png Nevermind. The Apple option disappeared and was replaced by the usual options.

Re: Double xp/double plat

I would hope they wouldn't have an event until they fix the game for everyone. It would be like pouring salt in the wounds of those who still can't play without huge lags and all the other problems caused by the unity update. Causing them even more frustration (especially frustration that could have...

Re: Revised drops

Just wondering why clans with lots of junk drops sitting forever in your banks dont put them in the ah and see if solo players or even players from small clans might buy them and give you gold to recoup the cost of all the lixes basically wasted?

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