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Re: Need advice

paggasquid wrote:I would say the lvl 100 offhand dagger from the carrow lux shop. Should cost you around 250-300k.

The reason why: it seems like your low on lux so the regens are a must for you to survive.

The lvl 100 offhand axe is also an option if your energy regen is good enough.

Okay thanks

Re: Shadowstrike

Stay in the lizard pit, it's literally the best spot. It took me about a week to get mine but it's sooooo worth it. It's like an accomplished feeling when you get it without spending money.

Need advice

So.. I still have the lux item I had from lvl 30 and I'm lvl 102 now.. It's a Killers Silver Baselard. I was buying and selling trying to buy a better offhand and I ended up buying an ancient spirit glider 80/10 for 150 k, I have 45 k left and idk what to do. I was told it was worth around 200-250 k...

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