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Re: Hello players!

Jeoric wrote:Hey I'm new to this game and so far I'm loving it. I want to find a good home though! What's a server ya'll recommend? I played Everquest and World of Warcraft for years, want to join a good server for finding groups and just a good overall atmosphere! Thanks!

fingal, whykicamoocow

Re: Drop rates

Nothing will ever be done about it. I’m pretty sure there are some other games I used to play that never released loot box drop rates either. Plus no one even knows if apple enforces this rule to a large extent... they probably just did it to give themselves a good name because everyone was against...

Re: overpricing

Mdunc1982 wrote:
SPLEND1D wrote:it happens when player base is halved and rarely anyone spends bucks on the game any longer

That's part of it but remember their are new players that spend quite a bit as well.

I bet CH profit fell down by 60% comparing it to 3 years ago

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