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Re: A Beast Awakens

Hello Heroes, The bridge to the Northern Peninsula has undergone finally been repaired and travelers from across Dal Riata are eager to visit. However, all of the commotion has awoken a cunning arcane dragon who has taken up residence within the ruins! How long the beast has been there is a mystery...

Re: 225+ mobs?

There's no need for a new map. They simply can make couple of changes in Arcane so the mobs at the beginning of the map are lvl 220 and gradually increase til 230 as you move towards Gele.

Re: That Epona Drama

This is literally what almost every dom clan that I've seen does. They all play innocent to make epona look bad so people will move to their servers instead and make them grow but they suck tbh. Our don't clan literally griefed us at 170 a few days ago just cuz we won a 6* lock battle and their exc...

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