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Celtic Timer Update coming soon

Hey all, with the update timers changed and just wanted to let you know I’m finishing up changes to the timer app so it reflects the new spawns for DL and Frozen bosses. Will also be adding Bloodthorn. If you haven’t already downloaded the app you can download it here. Enjoy! Celtic Timer https://it...

Re: celtic heroes timers

https://s14.postimg.cc/4dmu8fxo1/A13_ABB3_A-91_A1-4908-_B027-7_E3_B0_CB511_B6.jpg :lol: https://s14.postimg.cc/kefflgszl/dedication.jpg Literally dying :D Also here’s the link to the app for all the people that DMd me about it. Celtic Timer https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/celtic-timer/id1350218408?...

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