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Re: Thanks To OTM

My wife would like to send a thank you to otm. She has me doing a woodworking project I have been putting off for months. Can you maybe, please fix things up with the servers?

Re: Issues with the Level Lock Penalty for Proteus and Gelebron for End Game Players

+1. End game players should never ever be penalized when fighting end game 220 bosses. Especially when game mechanics (bounties, killing end game bosses) dictate that you do level. It is inherently bad game design. OTM is firm on keeping the level lock system and if there will never be monsters abov...

Re: H2h

The best H2H weapon money can buy:

Thaumaturgic Knuckleblade
This knuckleblade has been enriched with forbidden sorcery.

Slot: Main Hand
Piercing Damage: 55
Attack Speed: 1730
Weight: 15
Level Requirement: 200
Class Required: Ranger
Class Required: Rogue
Hand to Hand: +700

Cost: 250000

Re: Camouflage

I think I am one of the weird rangers that always has the skill maxed up to lvl 220. It is 100% camo. Unless you stand on the mob you can walk right by it (with exception of eyes and some bosses who see through camo). Leveling anywhere with it is a breeze. Only fight single mobs. No idols wasted run...

Re: Morrigan is down

I am actually trying to sign into Morrigan currently, at 1:15AM. The server itself does not appear to be down (still displays in my world list) but it does seem to be affected by the same issue we were observing previously. I've logged the time for the Programming Team and will discuss it further w...

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