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Re: When is the next event?!

Hi I also posted this in another thread, we're planning to release in July. We've slightly lengthened the development of the current beta to be more responsive to beta players feedback and to get in more general improvements to the game that players have been asking for, including things like improv...

Re: Celtic Heroes storyline?

Hi Morigan is the evil force in the background, manipulating, influencing and providing some of her power where she wants, but not directly appearing herself. We have a goal to expand the main storyline much further so hopefully this will all become clearer going forwards.

Re: leaderboards

I cannot confirm if this works long term, but short term try this. Go in the game and click on leaderboards. It will redirect you to the internet. Click on the link, copy paste the link into like your notes, then manually enter it into your computer. I havent tried from the computer, but that metho...

Re: why complain?

Hi thanks for the posts, just a small additional point, we are looking closely at class balance, there is a bigger project coming with the tower update with new skills etc and in the very short term we are making some targeted improvements to things like mob evasions and damage distribution which sh...

Re: When does Ostara end?

Just to update you, we've made a conscious decision to slightly lengthen the devopment time of the next event so we can add some general improvements to the game that players have been asking for, and to allow us to be more resposive to beta feedback which sometimes means taking something that is al...

Re: Spear skills

Hi we've got some new skilled scheduled to come out with the next tower update which should give more variety to gameplay and there will likely be a new spear skill added as part of this also.

Re: OTM, please come to the table

Hi thanks for the post, yes we are definitely planning to improve this as a high priority and make some improvements to class balance, it's currently scheduled to come out together with the tower update as this is the next big combat related update, and we will be looking at things like evades, dama...

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