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New banshee blade animation

This new blade animation is so sick Yoy should make all weapons like that or have a afk move when you stand still for a while like andriod I think.... But iOS doesn't have :( Btw I love this game to death and somtimes nobody (Muldar) try to get to all the posts he can from us and he usually gets to ...

Re: Crashing to much?

Yea I'll try fast graphics I all ready have fast terrain on.... And my draw and detail distance down too I have a iPad mini friend has a iPad Air and says it never crashes for him :/

Crashing to much?

Hey idk about all of you guys but ever since Beltane 2015 update I have been crashing a lot more and now with samian 2015 It crash a lot more maybe it's device anyone know a fix?????????

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