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Re: A time for change?

We do that on Arawn already. Gold from end game bosses and 210/6* event goes to the bank. The bank uses it to buy lixes for us at end game fights. Any money left over we use to throw parties https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZUBK8bfmeg&list=PL8ua6mFvwQuXfeT6Qiu-9Gc6udLzE_IfD&index=1 The syst...

A time for change?

Observation: Over the past month of have seen new ideas come alive and more creativity on other servers like some of these Ideas: https://youtu.be/Q7Rg0vomhRU or https://youtu.be/l37B1ummHMo Another idea-Giving gold from bosses to bank then distributing gold at end of events depending on how active...

Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

I started this game in summer 2013 After a friend recommended the game to me Started a Druid named crimyoo and took me months just to get to level 90 (lel) and was selfish enough to act like a Otm employee and got banned... Then in about August 2015 My friend told me how he was playing the game More...


Event chests 20k each
restoration potions
Xps 4.5K each
Level 150 Mage offhand
Bounty pledges
Old heroic Ammy 250k+
Turquoise sacred fashion
Level 100 Aggy and cronach rings
Level 140 wand with skill
Level 60 125 dmg offhand banshee blade
Taking offers on:
Shrink charm

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