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Re: Recruit me!!

Ty both for your replies :)... I don't think I should be held accountable to what my brother did... I returned everything that was given to me on that occurrence and ended up missing stuff here and there... Once again, Ty for your Replies! Oh and Does 'Chance to ever return' mean I still have a chan...

Recruit me!!

Hello Ascension, title says it all :0.... I would like to rejoin, post what you think about me I guess, and throw what u want at me.

Re: Rate Me :3

Oh, and to Optic... That's a pretty good lvl rate while being in school, I have school aswell :( in 10th huehue.

Re: Rate Me :3

Ty Micky :0 Btw guys Micky is a Endgame Dps Warrior from Danu(A warrior I look up to :) ) And I'd like to ask you Warriors out there which build do you prefer or use.
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