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Re: New player

Hiya I'm DragonFox lvl 102 rogue, Welcome :)! If you ever need help just ask, im willing to help whoever needs it sounds like you are nub. :lol: :lol: :lol: Lol, Not completly wrong LOL. I do suck at this game (i dont play many rpg or mmo games) but I'm just trying to be kind and helpful to others....

Re: can anyone dunk ?

Aerdou aka Klip wrote:6'2 ft
140 pounds
Not sure on vertical.

Im a foward on Gate City Highschool.
Dunking is just for fun. No real basketball can get through a career of dunking. Need a mixture of shooting and defense.

yeah but this thread is for those who can dunk. I can shoot and have decent defense to

Re: Hi

Xispitina wrote:Hola, estoy encantada de estar , hace un tiempo jugué al WoW y este se parece mucho. La unica pega que encuentro es que esta todo en ingles y yo ni hablo ni entiendo. Lo tengo complicado, pero espero no aburrirme.

What ? :roll:

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