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Re: New player

DragonFox wrote:Hiya
I'm DragonFox lvl 102 rogue, Welcome :)! If you ever need help just ask, im willing to help whoever needs it

sounds like you are nub. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Re: can anyone dunk ?

i have ankle weights but i never use them i think im gonna do plyometric, and start doing like 10 minutes of jump rope with them on. I have recently started squatting and doing leg workouts.

Re: weight lifting

and? my car says it can do 0-60 in 7 seconds, but i can do it in 5. which means you can run faster than wr speed. you dont have to be famous to go faster than them. just because im not pro leauge dosent mean i cant fun very fast. Omg you lie more then you tell the truth. The fastest person runs lik...

Re: can anyone dunk ?

pigman wrote:Yup but im otherwise garbage at basketball

190 lbs
Vertical no clue whatever it takes for me to dunk i guess lol.

Literaly dunking is the only thing i can do and its useless when youre as bad as me

Damn 6'5 im like 5'10 and can touch the rim.

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