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Re: Farming

MrPuffyPants wrote:Wat r best stats and skills for farming and where to farm for lvl 107 rouge

if i were you id just look at the stickied guides before making these post or cranky players will say post something.

Re: Hi!

Zhamshir wrote:
Popper wrote:Hi everyone popper here! My friend told me to play this game, so here I gooo!

Welcome. Your friend obviously has taste, so the next time the two of you hit the brew pub, you should say "I'll have what he's havin'"

2 chocolate milks please :lol: :lol:

Re: weight lifting

If you are 14, your body is still trying to grow. Follow your coaches work out routine. You shouldn't see much muscle growth besides becoming more toned. After puberty is done though, things get big ;) My weight thru high school, 9th grade, 13/14 y/old 95 pounds 10th grade, 14/15 y/old 105 pounds. ...

Re: Best hybrid or dps build

Honestly the repetitive trolling of that ridiculously overused and overplayed joke should be a bannable offence. The guides stickied are a great starting point. Anyone who asks for 'build advice' should have their topic locked and have then redirected to the stickies. These forums should be for sha...

Re: hi

Zhamshir wrote:Hello hello! Enjoy the game through your self-imposed new eyes.

thanks and i will i havent been able to log on in awhile do to school and work but when i do, i will go through levels faster then i go through my money lmao :lol:

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