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Re: dual logging

I can put 3 on my desktop and 3 more on my laptop then 1 on my phone and 1 on my tablet So.... 8 max for me but there is no way i would be able to actually all 8 efficieantly I would only ever use 3 for bosses and max 2 for leveling Gets really tireing and a lot harder the more u add Controling 8 wo...

Re: Communication

We use Discord but I very much miss Voxer (except for the slow posting of pics). I prolly like Voxer because I can press a button and pontificate for 10 mins. When typing is involved I'm more like a caveman using grunts and rudimentary drawings :P Thats cool to here that discord is actually used. C...

Re: Communication

My group uses Discord on PC, just an easier solution for when we are playing. For mobile games I can see it having useful functionality but the speed of simple communication apps like Line etc where the main focus is text chat, line wins out. In my clan on lirs i use line but playing other games li...

Re: Communication

I have set up a discord if anybody wants to take a look. https://discord.gg/gE8WPfJ That link should work for you guys let me know if it doesnt it works i myself use discord to play games with my friends and the voicechat is the best Thanks for checking the link Ya i think it would be great for CH

Re: Communication

Ascension uses Band. I think it works perfect for CH. The notes section is far better than what Line uses and you can keep group chat section separate from the important posts and Band allows you to pin really important notices to the top, which is great for clan rules. Band has polls (helps with l...

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