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Re: If you see me in Arena...

Smelly is named Smellyunder because he is infamous for playing while on the toilet. so if you can picture him sitting there, ipad in hand, and underneath there is..... I'm actually being completely serious What about his alt named SmellyUpper? Whats the story on that one? :shock: Hot air rises duh

Re: Resurgence Uskoci Badabing

Night, that song fitted perfectly with the current situation. Thankyou very much for sharing it. I just wish everyone would take in the meaning of the song and soak up the lyrics and maybe "one day" arawn will turn into its former glory and we will shine as a server. However certain events...

Re: Lets be first to kill mordis!

Its comments like this that make me think arawn will be the last to kill mordris. Its sad and quite frankly makes me not want to be here anymore. Congrats guys on making your world just a little more toxic. Instead of logging in, im going to go have a drink. Huh? They mention power hungry and greed...

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