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Re: Hollowen charms

I would just be happy if charms are from stores and not from chests. 90% of charms are available from vendors currently. only exceptions being the flamebringer charm and the one that is similiar to it, can't remember name. I don't think you quite understand what I'm getting at. I'm saying that it w...

Re: Sleeping with the enemies

I have talked to the person that is sending the PMs about a month ago, and I know who it is because they revealed their identity to me. I can't say on the forums who it is because of the rules, but I told resurgance, and Katz and I had a long chat about who it is. It is not someone who is in BadaBi...

Re: For Smelly and rest of res

I've reached the point where I've just stopped caring. Friends are turning on each other and threatening them for no reason. Heck I was even cussed out by an old friend because "I joined the wrong clan" Arawn is at a dark age and it's gonna take some time for us to claw back up to the way ...

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