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Re: Got new gf wat should I do

Give her some hugs. Eventually, you will get more hugs. As she will be unsuspecting of you having a bloody knife, STAB HER IN THE HEART 3 TIMES, THE EYES 4 TIMES, AND THE LEFT LEG 5 TIMES AND SACRIFICE HER TO SATAN :twisted: http://i1065.photobucket.com/albums/u384/precision99/E3AED95F-01D7-4EE1-98...

Re: Prime's Time's Up

Pri!! So that's where you've been bud, I thought you'd moved worlds or something :oops: I say don't give up mate, come back and play some more and I'm sure you'll be able to replace all the scammed items! Oh and a few oldies like freak and wolf have been on lately (err maybe not wolf, he's been on a...

Re: Halloween

BROrogue-sulis- wrote:
Precision wrote:
BROrogue-sulis- wrote:Also

Have the exact same pitchfork :D

If it wasn't two handed it would be awesome with offhand

Fully agree, I've been trying to flog mine off while everyone is in an event hype.

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