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Re: Beta in a week

anglzfury wrote:
Papi wrote:March 4 th is the anniversary of the worst day in my life. I am grateful OTM gave me a reason to be happy on that day.

So you believe "happily married" is an oxymoron? :lol:

Happily married for 24 years.
No, it's the day my son died.

Re: New guy needs help

Umm hate to break it to you papi but m0nk is rouge1234 from the forums and from the world taranis. He definently knows how to play the game and is lying to you for some unknown reason. The only ive met papi is if he has a secret alt... (M0nk (my druid) is only 25, yesterday he was 23...) PS: im poo...

Re: New guy needs help

Sounds like a fantastic scam he's pulling on you... Or you're doing a really good sarcastic post... So sarcastic I can't tell you're being sarcastic... Dont give him your freakin anythings to try out! Now I would never suggest anyone was trying to scam. That would be an assumption and would be cons...

New guy needs help

Fyi I bumped into a new player who really needs our support. His name is MOnk a druid i think level 30 and he apparently doesn't know how the game mechanics work and is afraid to spend hard earned gold on the wrong lux. He asked to try out my heroic haste gloves but I was busy and didn't have the ti...

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