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Re: Train Me? (Closed)

What post? What proof? It is hard to prove something that never happened. Bring out anything you have on the table here, until then (which won't ever happen as it is impossible) you are just lieing. Good luck if I see you in game, quick way to make enemies lol. OH MY GOD 3 pages into this forum and...

Re: Train Me? (Closed)

Ok I am going with blatantly lieing, Danu doesn't want you back. Sure.. Whatever man.. I really dont care at all that no one believes me.. Still in the history books. Post from when it happens is still up. Fact is, it happened. Deny all you want, makes no difference, again you can't change the past...

Re: Train Me? (Closed)

Usually falsely accusing someone of scamming isn't a way to get liked. I personally don't dislike you or anything, but it does say something if after 6 months I remembered how annoying the continuous shouts for training you were. Well, every can disagree that it happened and whatever, but fact is, ...

Re: Train Me? (Closed)

Ur colbyboy222? Never wouldve guessed Uhm, No? I am only CthulhuDwarf.. lol.. But u said u were the most hated (colby) Ahh hahaha.. No i knew he was back then, but i know apparently every is rooting for me to be the top hated.. I rather not cause i even help new players out when they ask, ima nice ...

Re: Druid Skill Level help

Xell wrote:Hybrid:
Max Touch
High Vines + Lightning (max if possible)
High Bark

Maxed Vines + Lightning
High Storm touch (if available)
Medium touch
some bark and/or embrace

Confusing x0
Speak to me as though i were 6 years old xD I'm worse then blonde.. >>;

Re: Train Me? (Closed)

mholloman12 wrote:
CthulhuDwarf wrote:Qumar & Lawsdog are the only two people that aren't dicks anymore.

Thanks! I do my best. :)

Haha! One of the very few people that welcomed me back without cussing ^^ <3 Hahaha

Enemies have changed?

Okay, i AM a bit late to the update, i admit it. So i need to be filled in. Last time i played was 6 months ago. So the mobs, usually in Stonevale i've noticed, notice your presence and attack you from a further distance from before the update. I use to be able to use Roots (druid spell) on them wit...

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