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Re: Dear prime

AMEL1A wrote:Yeaah thanks again D0nk0 :) and Cthulhu unbreak have been helping us quite a bit so don't worry xD

Darn haha jk xD

Druid Skills Help Pls

So i JUST got Storm Touch.
And i Have a book to reset all my skills!

What should i do?? Which should i max out?? (I believe i have 30 something) ((I'm lvl 59))

Please explain as though i were a child cause i suck at reading instructions xD

Re: Dear prime

Lol. I was sad when i heard Defiant joined Chosen. i was like Whaaa? Now i dont want to join.. I wanted Chosen, but they joined defiant im like naa girl. xD But yeah, Dawnstar is pretty good! Half a level and ill be in Unbreakable. So we can be enemies now Amelia! >:D Hahaha <3

Re: Druid Skill Level help

Howling wind and calm are lvl 1 skills. I use wind in my skill bar for soloing now but it's not worth a single point. Yeah howling winds seems useless.. I'm 58 now and soloing. I dont know what to max out though.. So far ALL my skills can go up to 17. Im thinking about grasping roots, thorns, light...

Re: Druid Skill Level help

Cannon wrote:My Druid is only 43 but I max lightning, embrace, and natures touch and put extra skill points in bark. worked great for me so far

Ahh, kool.
I expected someone to say something about howling wind, but not yet.. Plus im almost 58, and i wanna know whats best for my level for soloing.

Re: Druid Skill Level help

depends if you are a boss fighting druid you should max: natures touch high embrace high meditate average bark average abundance average natures breath ( group heal) weak abundant aura (group abundnace) medium lightning medium storms touch cantorix- level 67 mabon I am just trying to level solo. I'...


On my account CthulhuDwarf, the sound EFX is EXTREMELY low. My ipod turned all the way up, and i cannot hear barely anything.
On my other account the sound is fine.

I went into the Settings, and there is no Sound Efx volume switch, but there is for music.

How do i fix the sound efx?

Re: People Have Changed

I agree, anything I had against you was forgotten, but you came back and did the same things you use to. Ask for power leveling, etc. Won't go into the other issue here. I believe I had or have you blocked in game because I got annoyed with it so although it may seem like everyone is mean and has c...

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