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Re: Competition hats statistics

This would also make the hats feel personalized to each individual that receives them. they could say something like "this 4th place hat was awarded in the _______ competition to 'character name' after they collected 'no. of chickens collected' chickens". also works perfectly as the hats w...

Competition hats statistics

I feel that when the prize hats are given out to the winners for the chicken competition each persons hat/hats received should have the number of total common chickens picked up by that individual. This may take more time to give out prizes but i feel that it would be awesome for people to show off ...

Re: Christmas hat non trade?!

Special Winter Gifts will be claimable on the 25th and contain 1 of 25 Yulebringers Celebratory Hats! wait so instead of 12 days to collect 1 hat per account a day, we could have only gotten hats from yesterdays presents. why then are they still no trade if mass account creation isnt a problem anym...

Re: Christmas hat non trade?!

so there are 10 different colors for fashion in the game and each hat has a chance to have the frostbringer's effect. That only accounts for 20 of the possible 25 hats you can get does it not? does that mean that there some with different effects or possibly even different colors?

cant log in

Hi arfter the new update I now cant log in. When i put in my pass and username it keeps saying incorrect password or username when it is right. Idk if my password got typed wrongly or something but I cant change it because I didn't register an email.

Carrider form finigal

Re: Gaming

Recently ive played:

Guild wars 2
order & chaos
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Cod bo2
Clash of clans
Elder scrolls oblivion
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And last but not least...
Think I got most of them ;)

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