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Re: Skills Rework

Skerwald wrote:I like the idea of reworking some skills and buffing others (ahum giants swing). Together with a bunch of other things it should be on the To do/look at list.
(@MinecraftMike) But as of now VR can't do much due to the Unity update as was mentioned earlier.

*coughs* barbs aka energy pit

Re: Changes - Bloodthorn loot

https://media.giphy.com/media/3o7abA4a0QCXtSxGN2/giphy.gif As you know we've been looking at Bloodthorns drop rates and listening to feedback from the community. Based on this we've made the following change which will be implemented during Mondays reset: One of Bloodthorns loot slots will now drop...

Re: Skills Rework

So I have been playing CH for a while, on and off different worlds starting back from about 2012 and I have seen the game go through a lot of changes. i have never made it till endgame till more recently (level 210 ranger but still lixing often, full dl and not far off full edl) but i still have a ...

Re: Pyrrhic checking in

Hi everyone, my name is Pyrrhic and I've taken up residence in Epona. You might see me in the castle, using a copious amount of Alteration Books to attempt the perfect ranger build. If I'm not there, please check the arena as I am probably struggling to get the lock on the daily quest with my druid...

Re: Trying hard to buy stuff..I'll try here also selling a few things. This will be my buy and sell page I will post

Ayo. I'm new to Epona. I been trying to buy litteratly any fire gear I can and have no luck. Auction house never has. And even will a bunch of people in ah and the town, nobody responds or some say it's better for me to just be a ice mage cuz I guess there's some problem with fire mage items or wha...

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