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Re: why dont admin respond

do admins and staff not use forum or is just member only bc I never see the staff answer stuff on here? We have 1-2 community managers who post the most from VR’s staff. Tadaah and the newer guy, Difinitus. Occasionally one of the other VR team members will post, but only rarely, if there’s an imme...

Re: How can I get on the WeChat?

Hi, I started playing about two weeks ago and would be interested in joining the server WeChat. I've never used the app before so if anyone could invite me or show me how to otherwise join, I would really appreciate it! Thanks :) Mail my ranger in game and Ill hook you up. Dont wanna give out the i...

Re: Closed beta helpers reward

Corrupt wrote:
Ventius wrote:There hasnt been any reward for a few betas now. Personally i think this is the better move since no one can argue or fight because they wernt one of the lucky few accepted into a closed beta and didnt get a reeard

+1. Be in the beta cuz you want the game to be better

and multi server pvp ofc

Re: What are the odds of getting 3 dragon eggs in 125 chests?

Pyrrhic wrote:Hi, I'm pretty new to the game, and on my server, dragon eggs go for around 2-3 mill. I recently opened 125 ish chests and got three dragon eggs. Is that simply insane luck on my part, or are they only expensive because they are consumables?


You could open 500 and not get a single one....

Re: Changes - Bloodthorn loot

Big thanks for the effort on improving the game overall but can VR please just listen a little closer to the player base on what is considered an effective piece of gear in these Betas moving forward? I would prefer waiting an extra 3 months for full release of new areas instead of just rushing it ...

Re: Return gold from trade

Interesting, deff doesnt seem right that vr should punish the purchaser for not knowing better. If they can take the mount from raba and return to original owner idk y they cant take the gold from the scammer and return that to raba. Might wanna see if VR support actually sent that mail. Odd that th...

Re: Return gold from trade

From the ss shown it looks to me like the mount was traded away, not confiscated by VR and thus VR cant return the gold. Do you happen to have a screen shot that would indicate that it really was confiscated? Raba was notified that the mount was previously scammed before he bought it. So Support de...

Re: Changes - Bloodthorn loot

Got 2 imp drops and a godly last BT, best tiers ever for us in 1 kill. Too bad we got 2 ammies and the godly is riposte ring. Can we please make the maximum amount of ammies that can drop 1 so we have better chances at rings? I don't understand why we get 2 ammies and 1 ring for over half of our ki...

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