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Re: Gelebron brace...

In that case necro should only drop rings that add to sword.. Before tower there was more of a choice of what weapons to use as a warrior so I can see why necro had a variety of diffrent rings to choose from.. But at this level in the game (gelebron) as a warrior your using a gelebron axe or a shad...

Re: Need druids!

This thread did end up getting us some very good Druids. So Thankyou to the Druids that took interest in coming to herne!

Re: Scammer alert on herne/crom

I'm simply warning people of crom and herne. Not here to listen to your lecture because it's the norm for people to say " I told you so ". I don't remember anyone saying he's a scammer because all I heard was u guys didn't like each other and it was all trash talk. 0 talk about him being a...

Scammer alert on herne/crom

[Removed] on herne is a major scammer. Please don't xfer any of his gear, buy his toon. OR buy end game Druid gear from a low lvl toon because it'll be him. His other names on crom are [Removed] a 190 rsnger, 220 rogue named [Removed] on crom. He also has a toon on arawn. Help spread the word to war...

Re: Scammer on arawn.

I'm all for making life hell for those looking for low life cheap shortcuts. No problem guys. Puts me and others on herne at ease that someone like him won't be continuing in an endgame clan else where. Well atleast not arawn, danu or herne.

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