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Re: forgot password!...

Hey Guy, For account retrieval you will have to contact support@onethumbmobile.com. If you can provide them with the answers to these questions it will help speed up the process: - Username for account - - Registered email - - When account created/last played - - Character(s) name(s) on the account ...

Re: Chest Rewards

In the last two months, I have opened over 3.5k chests and not once have I ever gotten the 2 million gold or 4K plat.... since the aeon fash has been placed in chests, did that reduce the chance of getting better items? I have a ridiculous amount of aeon fashion. I think so yea. That’s why Aeon sho...

Re: 100% wrongly banned account

After looking into the case further it appears the ban was handled by a new staff member who was unaware of the context of the statements you made.

Regardless, I would advise not discussing (or performing) in-game transactions for real money.

Your account will be unbanned later today.

Re: Threatened

Hey Skerwald,

Could you PM me the details and I can look into it further?

Is this player threatening you in our game or in a third party app?

Re: 100% wrongly banned account

Hey Sly, For banned account you will be required to contact the Appeals Team, we are unable to process appeals via the forum. Please send the following to Appeals@onethumbmobile.com - Username for account - - Registered email - - When account created/last played - - Character(s) name(s) on the accou...

Re: Account Conflict PW

I would like to get my little brothers account conflict removed plz. He hasn’t played in a while so he doesn’t really know what his character names are but the account is REMOVED on lugh iOS device Conflict removed and username updated to "YOURUSERNAME"ios and "YOURUSERNAME"andr...

Re: Account conflict pw

I'm having issues logging on, I have seen the post other have posted on how to fix this. Characters names are: Pause - warrior lvl 111 Legend117stab - rogue 104 Any help is much appreciated The account these characters can be found on does not appear to be conflicted. Are you potentially signing in...

Re: Shop inventory

I believe Programming have this on their list of scheduled tasks (May have been completed already yet not implemented).

We've been looking at doing a larger UI overhaul to tidy things up and create a consistent system.

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