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Re: Whats the deal with sigils?

There is no maximum amount Sigils only work while out of combat so you cant use them like regens to constantly keep your health or energy up in combat, however especially for casting classes if your having energy probs you can pause casting for a few seconds ad get alot of energy regained (assuming ...

Re: Dps Calculator

The hard part with mage is the CD. I could literally black out everything except the stat inputs and the total dps numbers, but when I go through it I like to see all the values for each skill so ik which skills in my builds are weak or lacking Also i would love to work with you on other classes som...

Dps Calculator

hey all this is what I use to select gear fill in the green boxes and look at the yellow ezpz Easiest way if you want to use this is to make a copy of it otherwise only one person can edit at a time(if anyone knows how to fix tht pm meee) I dident finish my table of CD combos because I had 0 respons...

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