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The all important collection pt. 2

It is with great pride in my heart, and joy in my soul, that I surpassed 4,000 common white chickens. My current army is at 4018.

I captured the historic, momentous, awe inspiring moment of the four thousandth recruit to the army.

ecnhsdkwkj.PNG (183.54 KiB) Viewed 1215 times

My Army. (4018)

nj bhewbs.PNG
nj bhewbs.PNG (174.67 KiB) Viewed 1215 times

Re: Mounted Combat

Will you be able to obtain mount tokens through the bounty board as well as chests? Yes and we are currently making changes in regards to the bounty board for release, further details in patch notes next week. Fishing too. I left the game for 2 months for school, and I come back to this? Awesome, I...

Mounted Combat

1. Will it be for all animal mounts? My 85% horse would love some combat
2. Is the mounted combat automatic or will a special item be required to have weapons and a mount simultaneously?

The classic "You are just a warrior"

Don't you love it when you work hard, lvl, and farm to make a good build, and get good gear, and then have people overlook your work because you are just a 'op warrior' (This is not me whining, just wanna see if this is as common of an issue for you guys as it is for me-especially in pvp) (Even thou...

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