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As I am in Hell Week right now (the week before the show) I am wondering who else here is in theater? I am in my high school's performance of Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles.

Re: Game Dying?

Curry30423 wrote:Recently with the addition of the auction house I've actually been seeing a lot more people...with these horizontal changes it brings more and more people back. I really hope no more vertical content is planned.

I agree, Belenus' castle is more full then before.

Grammar Nazi's

I is wondering, if we find grammar errors in game does we just post it in the "bugs" forum? Are there an different subforum dedicated to them textual errors in the game? Things like run on sentences lack of commas and sometimes words is not made plural can make the game looks bad. Thanks, ...

Re: Scamming consequences?

The consequence of scamming is death! All scammers will face their crimes in front of the court, this is where the server provides evidence. If found guilty, they will be sentenced to death by guillotine. But in reality you will be banned from the game because you are a piece of scum who does not d...

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