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Re: Some memories

I started out in 2012. I had a crooked broom and the 2012 fash pumpkin head.

Game was best anytime before update 3...

Best collector in CH?

I wanna see who thinks they have the best collection and is the numero uno collector. Your collection can be of anything and everything. Post a reply of your world and what you collect and let's see some votes as to who you think is the best. *Lets not count infinity in this case. The bloke can't wi...

Re: Danu players, introduce yourself!

Hey Danu. I'm a little late on this post but... I'm Perrian, ItsFknPerrian, and Wiccana. I'm from Ireland originally but then I moved to the Midlands in england and for the last year, I've been in CA, America. ANYWHO... I've played CH since 2012. I started out on gwydrion and had a lvl 127 Druid but...

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