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Re: Whether the weather be fair, or whether the weather be not...

You been busy making new forums topics lol!! But I do not think its neccesarry to have those things ingame... also which timezone will you keep in it (day and night). Since all over the world people playing some will always play in the dark CH and others always see the light. I do not see the benefi...

Re: Emojis

If I am sure we never had emoijs ingame... just impressions like we know now days (wave, kiss, jump and so on).

Might forgotten it aswell 5-6 years ago lol

Re: Frostbite

If you go full ice mage you should use it... first ofcourse: ice lure, ice blast, ice shards ,after you can choice energy shield/frostbite or maybe also pierce lure so you level damn fast in group with rogues/rangers/warriors. Also at raid bosses its handy to have pierce on you.

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