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Re: Dragons*Updated wth pic*

Does anyone know how much you can sell a dragon egg for? I know the chances are minimal to get one, but I'd probably want to just sell it rather than try to get it to level 6 myself. What's the asking price for a dragon pet these days? The price is different on each server. Saw some on nuada sellin...

Re: Carrowmore Event Drops Total:

Back when there was events, it took 5 hour respawns with 2 hour windows for 4-5 months to accumulate 400 drops. It's amazing how the game is so easy now. new players should have no reason to complain whatsoever. Had been thinking the exact same during the event. Those 2 hour windows were painful. A...

Re: Breaking news: Resurgence of Arawn aims to complete 25 dg sets

New bosses are dropping pureness? Says who? Nothing confirmed but high levels of speculation, and mild hinting I think it is safe to say from OTM. If new bosses don't have DG pieces then I think OTM is making a serious flaw. Wouldn't be a first, but I think this would be one of the largest of them....

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