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Re: Bans?

Hai, so this weekend I was gonna ks my clannies alts on lixes so they can’t level, just for fun and they say VR ban ppl who ks now! Why? Technically ks isn’t part of the system, it’s whoever locks first duh! Welp idc VR u will not ban me for ksing my clannies alts this weekend cuz I don’t want u to...

Re: Halt!!

I see what you're saying now but think youre jumping the gun without giving them a chance to show us all what they are capable of. I'm with ya though hoping they don't just reskin the same event for the entire month. Maybe we will see some unique birthday hats or something.

Re: Halt!!

Where did they say they were going to be doing this every weekend? I think you misunderstood. The current event will go until June 11th. Then assuming a new one will start the next weekend. Different from the past two.

Weekly faction quest confusion

Once you reach tier 3 for your faction a weekly quest is supposed to unlock. Most of you already know this. Now my question is, is there a level requirement to get said quest? If so then what level does one need to reach for the quest to become available? Level 200 is what I've been told but can any...

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