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Re: Death of the Event Chests

Screw talking chest rates. Let's just talk about the chances of VR responding to a general topic post like this, or even reading it. I feel like the communities feedback falls into the spam folder unless it's about their fashipn design or visual bugs. Should've never f I ucking fired muldar Where h...

Re: Death of the Event Chests

I’m really disappointed not to be buying chests this event. Double plat is hard to resist. However I am boycotting buying plat until the chests are fixed.. I'm in the same boat. The chests progressively get worse with each release. I dont think it's fair to put all the blame on VR / criticize them ...

Re: Contest Prizing!

What about best of both world by doing option B in addition to adding an older collected items. Something everyone who played during the older events had a chance of earning if they had put in the effort to do so. For example black party hats, witch hats, and lugh masks! Show android servers some lo...

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