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New player

Hi my name is CrayOn I used to play celtic heroes with a 165 mage. I've stopped and planning to play again with a rogue as a main this time. I'm wondering what's the best server to join and is there anyone willing to help me get started :). (Planning to get 4k plats when double plats comes out) Than...

Is Arawn a good server?

Hi arawn players. I'm wondering if I should join Arawn. I'm planning on buying 4k plats. Will be selling chests :). But before that I need some answers : How is the economy : price range(exps,combos,alt books,etc.) how are the clan systems : wich clan is recommended that can you help you gear and ca...

Selling Chests

Will be getting chests soon!
will be selling 70 chests 20k each
Comment ign if interested and tell the amount needed thanks :)

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