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Fashion : Black frostguard hat - SOLD Black admair pants - SOLD Pink wyld set (no hat) - SOLD Turquoise glen set (no hat) - SOLD Turquoise wyld glove Radiant yellow wyld gloves Red wyld hat Ensorcelled spidersilk purple AND pink top Purple spidersilk pants Items : Master grims - SOLD Dagger of the u...

Skill Books and Rings SHOP

Skillbooks : Defensive formation Skewer Explosive Arrow Stinging Swarm 2.5k ea Skill books _______________________________________ Double Attack - 8k Shatter Riposte Ice blast Longshot Except for double the other skill books are 4k ea _______________________________________ Rings : Greater shatter G...


Heroic gloves 95k - SOLD
White wyldwood top Offer
Turquoise Mask : 30k

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