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Re: Spear Lvling at 180 help

I use a lv150 str heat dmg offhand
Skills : ss,qs,ls,dbl atk,riposte
Mord spear dex
Hybrid build since I don't have defence gear or I would recommend putting more on str
I lvl with a fire mage with ass lure and we do 2bars per lix

Best tower build for leveling?

Infos on my char : Lv181 Stats : Str : 625 Dex : 620 Focus : 10 Vit : 320 Stats is all added with bonus Gear : 100 dex +6 shadowstrike helm (no DL) Ancient beastbone BP (no DL) DL : glove,boots and legs 150 heat dmg offhand // Despoiler dagger // mord dex heat dmg Stargem ammy 120dmg/200str sky radi...

Re: Build Help

XxbladekingxX(Danu) wrote:If you are going for levelling definitely put quite a bit in foc as you will need a lot of enrgy or you are screwed a fair amount in vit let your gear worry at str and the rest in dex and then focus your attention on ss as rend and rip
These tend to be the best skills in leveling. :).


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