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who here can i email direcrly inquiring something about a account because support are just taking too long with it atm, its been 5 months still no reply

Shield bash

How many of you agree shield bash should be vitality instead of strength, the amount of times it misses and i dont see any dps warriors on balor that have bash in their skill setup, if u agree go +1 on my post in feedback :)

Re: Charms

Skain/Gara are best, but theres this silverweb for dps (str pummel swing) or for tanking (vit stance shield wall I think). I dont recall many good charms, theres a sunfire dmg charm (up to 100), and emberdrake rupture charm (cooldown reduction up to 25%), but for warriors anything without attack on...

Re: Charms

Skain is probably your best bet other than that the highest tier pummel and giant swing spider charm u can get your hands on

Re: edl weapons

I have edl sword and shield, warrior from balor.
I also beleive we have a ranger offhand a druid offhand and another druid and rogue one or two drops from offhand

Re: Beta for Android

Muldar wrote:Closed and Open for both platforms.

Due to the way Android works there can't technically be a "closed" one but only selected testers will have their characters copied / rewards.

You always need a tank in these closed betas ;)

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