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black rems, obsidian tabs

Buying 2 blacl rems of metal, 3 black rems of stars and space. Buying 3 mind and air tabs of obsidian.

I will trade full druid cosmic rems and tabs plus some gold for this.

Or if u wanna buy the granite tabs and green rems just pm me "Devils Rogue"

Re: im sick, need advice

just chug down a super combo and sleep. Have you tried putting a wet facewasher (cold or hot what ever temperature you are feeling) to cool you down or heat you up. if anyone else has tips and all of them fail you can always hop on CH Thx, my mom always mentione the towel but she is asleep and i di...

im sick, need advice

It is 1:30 in the morning and i have a cough, fever, and flu :oops: sleeping like this is the worst. Do any of u have an idea of what will put me to sleep? btw im either super hot, or super cold so i need a good combo to sleep with.

Re: Introduce yourself Gwydion!

Hi! I am Wiffle. I just started about 2 weeks ago on Gwydion (obviously :lol: ) and I just discovered the forums so here I am! I am already leveling fast and really enjoy this game and I am excited to talk to people and get to know some people! If you see me in the game chat me up and I would love ...

Re: rank up!

PartyNinja wrote:I have my own rank, best ninja ever.

Oh i thought it said warcheif :p guess i cant read

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