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Re: Upcoming companions

I would be excited to see larger companions at some point in this game. A wolf, bear, stag, etc...all while having them using their own designated companion slot so you can still use both your weapons. Also, how cool would it be to have a companion level up? Maybe a max level of 20 or something simi...

Re: Reset today?

They could have given us nothing. 10 plat isn't a lot, but a free alt book is always appreciated. Thanks OTM! :D Yes, you have a point that they did not have to give us the 10 plat. Honestly I wish they would not have, but that's just my opinion which there is plenty of those on the forums. Just sh...

Re: Reset today?

justsomeguy wrote:10 plat is kinda joke for lost progress...

I agree 100%
Honestly 10 plat feels like a slap in the face. It would be nice if someone from OTM would actually say what we were compensated. Maybe I missed this somewhere.

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