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Re: Nuada chests vs other worlds

my thoughts are the exact same as zyz. Why would people go to a brand new server knowing that there is gonna be nothing and expect to get everything from past events? Isnt the point of moving to a new server to have that new feel and play without so much of the old fash? I dont think nuada should g...

Nuada chests vs other worlds

Nuada chests should not be nerfed since they have never had fashion. Can u confirm that theirs is not going to be? Also, I've listened to many world discussions and no one cares if Aeon tag on something. Value won't change at all for added aeon name. If you add old fashion to all worlds besides Nuad...

Re: Transfer gold (android

I recommend using trusted xfers. Ask around about the persons rep. Don't give large amounts if you don't trust them. Do smaller increments. Ask who trusted xfers are. Then do a voice chat and use a code word they can type in the new world or make sure to confirm you are trading the right person befo...

Re: Aeon Mystery Chest

Exception is Nuada, as they haven't had this fashion before. They should get the old fashion and time lost chests as they were before, not nerfed. Nuada should never have lost the time lost chests as they have never had all the old fash, mounts, ect.

Re: Aeon Mystery Chest

OTM, This is not a fix! The name changing will not change the value of the rares. If I add aeon white lanrik top to my original rest of set, it only matters that it matches same fashion. You will lower the value of all these rares people like me have spent thousands of chests to buy. Just make new f...

Re: Servers down


I think most are being patient while you are finding the fix, however, reimbursing a few combos isn't gonna hurt ur bottom line and helps appease the masses. Even chill people losing patience. A lot of new toons being made now that people can cross platforms so no level limit please and ty

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